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Importance Of Judging The Motivation Level Of The Customer For B2B Appointment Setting Services

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It’s absolutely vital for The Global Associates B2B Appointment Setting Services to judge if the prospect is motivated enough to buy before they devote time and energy on pursuing them. A customer may have problems and may initially show interest to solve them, however, it doesn’t mean that B2B appointment setting services have an easy appointment in their kitty.
Importance of judging level of motivation:
B2B appointment setting services often get customers who are likely to persist with their problems without doing anything about them. They will only be wasting time and resources by following up with them without trying to judge if a customer really has motivation to do something about alleviating their pain. It’s important to categorize the prospects who may lack motivation to do something about their problems. Following is a brief list of such customers.

  • Those who lack internal support in their organization
  • Those who are facing a cash crunch
  • Those who lack adequate knowledge about the industry
  • Those who lack courage to adopt required changes
  • Those who don’t have requisite experience of the business

Even though most of these prospects actually want to do something about solving their problems, their motivation levels are not high enough for some reason to make the effort. This makes it vital to judge their level of motivation before you think about pursuing them.

How to gauge their motivation

You need to quickly ascertain if a client is motivated enough to buy from you right away. You can go about it by prompting the client to move forward with you towards the next step in the sales cycle. If the prospect shows interest when you make an offer to show how you are going to solve their problems through a PowerPoint presentation, that’s a good sign. If they are willing to invest time and move forward with you towards a final deal, they possess that motivation for sure. However, if they show reluctance without giving any reason, B2B appointment setting services should focus on more promising leads.

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