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3 Fundamentals Of Creative Management Of Relationships For Boosting Lead Generation In India


Lead Generation In India

Sales organizations need to adopt latest technologies and devise novel methods today to effectively boost The Global Associates Lead Generation in India in the changed business scenario. One must necessarily approach the important decision makers in their effort to maximize lead generation in India, but it has become a tough nut to crack as they always have a premium on their time these days. The age-old tool of cold calling can still remain relevant and effective if you follow some basic fundamentals and also add something new to this time-tested technique.

Changing your approach

It’s important to understand that a machine gun approach cannot help you boost lead generation in India now as well as it used to in the previous era. You need to give a significant makeover to the traditional cold calling techniques to make them more effective for the present day business scenario. A creative management of relationships is necessary for making a meaningful contact with the key decision makers; one needs to stick to some fundamentals to achieve this objective.

Following is a 3-way strategy for managing your business relationships more creatively and making cold calling more effective and productive.

  • Begin from the lower rung of the hierarchy ladder:

The top level decision makers have their own priorities with a thousand fires of their own to put out; they put up several layers of barriers around themselves to keep out the unwanted elements. You waste a lot of precious time and effort trying to reach out to them, the best strategy would be to start from the lower rung executives in an organization. This way you are known to the top bosses before you actually step forward to approach them.

Creative management of business relationships helps you boost lead generation in India more effectively. This discussion shall be continued in our next post to know more about the way the top decision makers should be approached and convinced about forming an association with your organization.

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